About us

We are not conspiracy theorists, nor anarchists, we are not anti-anything. We wield no flag and take no sponsorship. We belong to no one group, demographic or cause. We are the few and the many.

This site was made by regular citizens with the sole purpose of broadening people’s understanding of the world’s most remarkable topics, with a particular focus on issues of health and civil liberties.

Most people are concerned at the rate of change in the world from legislation, the availability and quality of healthcare, the disruption to social, academic and economical pursuits and the deprivation of freedoms and human rights. We deserve to know if this is justified.

We want to tackle the issues that face the world, standing shoulder to shoulder with those affected by it who feel that there are often pieces of the puzzle missing.

We stand as a reminder that, in the pursuit of knowledge, one must always be vigilant and diligent. The distrust in Mainstream media is at an all-time-high due to the suppression and subversion tactics they use where knowledge of paramount importance is kept at a manageable distance from the population. 

There is so much conflicting information, and whilst we do not claim to hold all the answers, we have dedicated this arena of free speech to bring forward to the public, truly relevant, crucial, evidence-based information, in order that they can live a life informed and with the tools to face such heavy opposition. We must always remember that above everything, your thoughts are your own, your mind is sovereign but you are not alone.

We welcome criticism. We welcome challenge. We are free thinkers. We are sovereign.