Petitions to Support

A risk vs benefit calculation does not support giving COVID-19 vaccines, which use novel technologies and are still in Phase 3 trials, to healthy children.  Read more

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Sunday announced they will provide a new service dedicated to providing science-based facts about COVID-19 and fighting medical cancel culture and media censorship.   Read more

We want the Government to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public. Read more

People of goodwill can disagree about the safety, efficacy and religious implications of a new vaccine for the coronavirus. Read more

LifeSite has signed on to a Media Research Center (MRC) letter to all 50 state Attorneys General, calling for an investigation into Big Tech. Read more

When concerned scientists warned the US government of the great danger of creating superviruses in the lab, one man publicly defended the risky experiments: Read more

Social Distancing

On the 8th February, I will be launching a Group Litigation Order (GLO) against the UK Government for False Advertising surrounding the Covid19 campaigns. Read more