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Stopping Covid-19 Testing in Schools


Schools can and should be cooperating in testing asymptomatic children for Covid-19.


This should not be happening. It is simply not justified and, without justification, breaches health and safety laws in a similar way to enforcing wearing of masks.

Further to our letter help Stop Masks in Schools, we are providing another free letter for parents to download for personal use (though we have a donate button) to send your child’s school and your local authority.

The letter was updated on 3rd March within initial section B – Breach of GDPR and Data Protection, adding “or among staff” to make plain permission is not given for staff to share information between them about which children do or do not participate in testing.

If’ you’ve read the mask letter already, the main additions are the objections/demands A to D at the start, the long list of  harms under section 5 and the important information about informed consent under the new section 8.)

Again, the letter sets out all you, the school and its lawyers need to know about the law and school policies regarding testing. Use it. Share it with everyone you knowThe mask letter is already making schools change direction. 

The purpose , as with the mask letter, is to make the school heads aware of what possibly no one has told them before now. Schools seem to have lost their confidence, more concerned to obey unjustified Coronavirus guidance than to care for and educate the children. This letter helps them, as well as you, stand up to overbearing Government.

The letter is drafted for local authority schools in England but the substance of it will apply equally in other parts of the United Kingdom and to private schools and academies.

The letter is also a formal and detailed ‘letter before action’ of the sort solicitors would send before start Court proceedings. Using the letter does not oblige you to take any further action.  However, if schools and authorities do not respond as demanded, it may allow proceeding to be started quickly. This is important since mass testing is already being introduced and interrupting education.

Legal advice on your circumstances and yours or your child’s claim should be obtained before commencing proceedings.

Open Letter re Vaccine/Immunity Passports from UKMFA and Lawyers for Liberty to Government and MPs

In this Open Letter we detail our grave legal, ethical, and medical concerns, in response to recent rhetoric from government and private businesses, regarding the introduction of Vaccine/Immunity passports.

We urge a return to individual responsibility for our own health and argue that it is disproportionate and unnecessary to go down the route of further restrictions and loss of freedoms that a Vaccine/Immunity Passport would entail.

We argue that Vaccine Passports represent a dangerous path which has no place in a democratic and free society, and which would be a profoundly illiberal, undemocratic, and un-British policy.  

We are asking our supporters to send this letter to your MP and have created a Word Doc Template cover letter for you to use.

Open Letter from UK Medical Freedom Alliance Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination of Children

This open letter to child health experts and regulators raises serious concerns about the administration of Covid-19 vaccines into healthy children.  We reference current scientific evidence that clearly shows the ‘risk v benefit’ calculation does NOT support administering experimental Covid-19 vaccines to healthy children, who have no risk from Covid-19, yet face known and unknown risks from the vaccines.

We conclude that it would be irresponsible and unethical, as well as unnecessary, to include any children under 18 years in either the national Covid-19 vaccine rollout or in any clinical trials. The end of the current Phase 3 trials on adults must be awaited, as well as several years of safety data to rule out any potential adverse effects on autoimmune diseases, fertility, genetics (offspring) or cancers.

Open Letter from UKMFA to Prime Minister, First Ministers and Health Secretary/Ministers - Face Mask Mandates

UKMFA have sent an Open Letter to UK Government ministers regarding the current face covering mandates in the UK.  We are requesting an urgent and permanent revoking of all mandates for children under 18 years, and a switch to the voluntary use of face coverings in adults, unless or until a full ‘risk v benefit’ assessment is published which demonstrates that the benefits are significant and far outweigh the harms.

Open Letter to Government and Vaccine Regulators re possible Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes

The UKMFA have sent an Urgent letter to Matt Hancock, Nadim Zahawi, Boris Johnson, the MHRA and the JCVI raising our concerns about media reports and epidemiological data that indicate that there may be a link between Covid-19 vaccination and a rise in deaths and Covid-19 cases being reported in care homes and in the elderly.  We are asking for an urgent audit and investigation into all deaths that have occurred in these cohorts since the Covid -19 vaccine rollout began.

Open Letter to Employers re Proposed Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

The UKMFALawyers for Liberty and The Workers Union of England have published an Open Letter, for employees and potential employees to share with employers who are proposing to mandate Covid-19 vaccines on their employees.  It outlines the legal rights of the employee to informed consent and medical freedom, and relevant employment law protections afforded to employees.  It summarises the legal duties of employers. It also summarises the potential risks of Covid-19 vaccines and the trial data which indicates that Covid-19 vaccines do NOT prevent infection or transmission of the virus.

UKMFA Open Letter to Helen Whately - Minister of State for Care

The UKMFA sent this letter in response to a claim made in a recent Government publication that “for every 20 care home residents vaccinated, one death is prevented”.

Open Letter to Education Minister on Mass-Testing in Schools

In light of the government press releases on 15th and 17th December, outlining a policy of mass-testing of all secondary school children before they can return to school in January 2021, the UKMFA have sent a fully referenced Open Letter to Gavin Williamson, DfE and DHSC to outline our concerns relating to informed consent, the validity of the tests and the lack of evidence for asymptomatic spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Please share far and wide, including to MPs and schools/headteachers.

Open Letter from UKMFA and Rational Global to Care Home Managers

A letter to help care home managers understand the legal requirement for fully informed consent for their residents and employees before administering a Covid-19 vaccine.  Useful document for concerned relatives to print off and share with care homes and the wider community.

UKMFA Open Letter to MHRA, JCVI and Matt Hancock regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

UKMFA Open Letter to the Vaccine Regulators and Matt Hancock outlining our concerns that a rushed roll-out of any Covid-19 Vaccine may compromise safety, which is not justified as there is no evidence of an existential threat to society from SARS-CoV-2.  

Please send this Open Letter to your MP and GP.